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Originally Posted by baker_Jeff View Post
That's a tough one. If we screw up, we pay for shipping (or give store credit for the amount the customer paid to ship back to us, is usually easiest). To the best of their knowledge, the retailer probably thinks this was the correct product and all they have is your word. Have you purchased much from them? Customer relationships develop with time, and you'll find they're much more accommodating if they recognize your name.
Yes, that makes sense. I do not want to name the retailer because I have in fact used them on other occasions with great service and accurate orders. I know that many others on the forums have as well. I just wanted to get a feel for what the community thought regarding these types of situations.

In the future I will probably be looking at other alternatives for ordering Airsoft parts and gear. If need be, however, I would consider using this retailer again if I had to.
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