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Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
only thing i can think of is that mp5s are closed bolt irl so if you're looking for something realistic, open bolt mp5s are not
The difference between 'open bolt' and 'closed bolt' in airsoft is MUCH different than real steel open bolt or closed bolt operation. In airsoft open bolt means the chamber is 'open' to the outside, ie you can see the bb if you hold the bolt back. Airsoft closed bolt comes from WE's earlier system of having all the components sealed in a brass tube, which was 'closed' to the outside. In RS closed bolt means the bolt is in its forward and locked position when the gun is ready to fire, open bolt means that the bolt is held to the rear when ready to fire. RS open bolt and closed bolt both have advantages and disadvantages. In airsoft, open bolt is closer to the realistic method of operation, and it is highly doubtful you will see any more airsoft 'closed bolt' designs.

TL;DR Airsoft 'open bolt' and 'closed bolt' is completely unrelated to real steel open bolt and closed bolt operation.
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