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Originally Posted by Bordush
Originally Posted by Goldman
Originally Posted by Bordush
Uzi's are sub-machine guns because they fire handgun rounds. an assault rifle fires rifle rounds.

In the article those "Trained weapons experts" they're talking about are either really dumb, or the author isn't telling the truth about what they said. They call the gun a C7 when even I, a 15 year-old with no training can clearly tell that it's a much closer replica of an M16 A2 than a C7. They also say it has Auto and Semi firing modes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a C7 a semi-auto civilian assault rifle?


The C7 and its family (C7A1,A2,C8 etc) are the curent ARs used by the Canadian Military. As far as I know Diemaco does not markey ANY civiallian variant of the C7 siries in Canada.

All of them are safe,semi,auto as they are military assault rifles.

Okay thanks for the input. Wasn't sure, so I shouldn't have said anything. But my dad has a civilian AR-15. Is that not refered to as a C7?
No its an AR-15. c7 is a military rifle its already been pointed out.
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