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new open bolt gbbr or used closed bolt gbbr?

Woodsballer (req: paintballer! boo! hiss!) and airsoft noob here.
And yes, I've read most of the Stickys and used the search button.

I'm considering getting a GBBR, either an M4 or HK416 as my first gun. I know an AEG is recommended, but I'd prefer to get my hands dirty and fix my gun myself if it goes down, and I don't think I'd be able to fix an AEG. That aside, though...

Looking through both the AV Retailer Section and the Classifieds, I'm finding that a new open bolt GBBR is roughly the same price for a used closed bolt GBBR plus a few magazines, or a GBBR with one magazine plus a open bolt conversion kit and mag conversion kit. From what I've been reading in the ASC threads is that open bolt is generally preferred over closed bolt, and that it's more realistic in terms of the real steel operation.

I consider myself a "weekend warrior" type, so I'm more willing to play at regular events but probably not big games like Operation Rhino (at this time, anyway), so in the immediate term I'm going to prioritize reliability over performance, if that affects your recommendation any. Also that I don't tend to shoot a lot, so I expect to use no more than 4 magazines in a game.

I'm also aware that importation laws have changed, and while I don't intend on personally importing a GBBR, I realize this might affect pricing of both used and new guns and my evaluations, so "do nothing and wait" is a perfectly reasonable answer for the time being.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, what you would recommend, and correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

TL;DR: Which would you recommend for first gun for an airsoft noob? (AEG not considered at this time)
(1) new open bolt GBBR
(2) used closed bolt GBBR + magazines
(3) used closed bolt GBBR + open bolt, mag conversion kit
(4) do nothing and wait

Thanks for your input.

EDIT: From feedback below, I thought I should clarify: I'd definitely go for a used open bolt GBBR in classifieds, but if they're not available or beyond my price range, then I'm back at my original 4 choices -- that's what I want to hear opinions on, and the value I'm looking to get out of the discussion.

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