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Originally Posted by jtf2-phalanx View Post
from what he tells me, he's been busy (which I understand). I'm not looking to get this guy at all as he's been pleasant so far, but I'm wondering what my next steps would be to get a working and aesthetically decent looking AEG. Ideas?
I think you got jacked. Perhaps the best course of action is to figure out the selector plate and repair the receiver with JB Weld. You said you wanted $100 from the guy, but I would be amazed if you could find the receiver for any AEG for under $100 (that wasn't smuggled), and so that $100 wouldn't help you at all towards this gun except perhaps as reparations.

JB Weld is a fraction of the cost of a receiver and represents a real path towards some kind of resolution -- if you find a receiver down the road, or if CP ever coughs up the money, you can always swap it out. In the meantime, I'd personally focus on getting the gun working, and all that takes is some quality time with the gun.
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