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I've notice some people suggest dropping the whole Tentative listing.

As a person who posts tenative before confirming, I think that would be a really bad thing. Me and my buddies usually don't have a good idea if we can make it about a week before the game, and since a lot of the big ones set up Months in advanced we put Tentative so the organizer knows we are very interested in comming, but need to figure things out first.

Though in the Organizers favour I think a cut off date should be placed for all Tenatatives to confirm. I've seen it a few times, but more organizers should make it a custom to use the method.

Also, in regards to the Prepay Idea, I think it should only be necassary at bigger events. Though people do go through some troubles to Oraganize the weekly Flag Raiders, or Sgt Splatters, it would be a nightmare to constantly collect oney for that (Gotta go somewhere, edit the rest when I get pack)
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