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Advice on receiving a broken AEG from Can. Post

Hey guys,

I have a little bit of an issue here that I'd like some advice on. I traded an P90 for an EBR M14. The trade itself went well and the communications between us was really open. We shipped the guns at the same time and when I received the M14, it looked like it was dropped by CP. (The receiver had broken in two spots and the selector switch falls off). So I spoke to the original owner and he filed an insurance claim with CP. He told me that CP was being difficult about the claim as they wanted the gun as proof of damage. The claimant thought he could make the claim without giving the gun so I agreed because I didn't feel like shipping it out again. Eventually he had argued with them enough that he told me that CP had given up on wanting the gun and would refund the amount to fix it. That was started in November of 2011. The last contact I had with the original owner was in February and he told me he was waiting to hear back from CP for the full $300 for the gun. I had waited and still nothing back so I finally decided to email the owner saying, I just wanted the gun fixed so I'd take $100 for the price of a new receiver and he could take the rest of whatever CP was going to give as all I wanted was a usable AEG. Does that sound reasonable? Anyways, I haven't heard back from him since and from what he tells me, he's been busy (which I understand). I'm not looking to get this guy at all as he's been pleasant so far, but I'm wondering what my next steps would be to get a working and aesthetically decent looking AEG. Ideas?
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