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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds
Which brings me to the Player Integrity rating. Who would be in charge of leaving the feedback? I mean, not many people will like their fate left to just anyone.
People who play in the same game have the ability to rate one another and can only rate one another once per game they play together. Its just like a transaction, only the buyer and seller can rate one another.

I'd have to think more about that process. I would definitely build in a dispute resolution so that if two people slag one another they can work it out and then go back and rescind one another's negative rating. That would promote resolving differences.

I'm not saying its a perfect system, but its a starting point...
With respect to the player rating idea, just to try to contribute something useful:

The problem I see with a system like this is that the popular and well known players will get rated much more quickly than the quiet solitary players. If such as system existed, after every game, all the Salamander Army players ( for example, or Wolfpack, or Bad Karma, etc ) would go and give each other positive ratings, so we'd each get +5 per game, plus all of our regular buddies on the teams we play with, another +10 or so, but who is going to rate the quiet guy who no one ever notices, who is playing a great, honest straight up game? Not AS many people, you can pretty much gaurantee that. I might suggest that you simplify it to carry only negative ratings. This wipes out most of the room for problems. Just straight up mark people when they are doing something bad.

But the dispute resolution is a fricken' nightmare, no matter which way you go...
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