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The loader I'm using is from my cheapo clear plastic toy airsoft we used to screw around and shoot eachother at the shop on days we were drinking lol. I didn't get a loader with my mag package like I was supposed to so I resorted to using it. It's just a tube and rod-plunger style loader that holds 50 rounds but they don't sit as straight as they could. There's too much play and therefore they sit zig zagged somewhat in there which I understand is a problem with ease of loading. I used one of the local guy's speed loader and it only pushed the same amount in.

I searched the number off the box for the mags and it's an SRC 50 round Lowcap mag pack. So I said screw it, put the 22 rounds into the mag then used the rod from the loader to push them in. Gently at first to see if they had give then when it moved I pushed it in further just to see it moved. I then ejected the rounds, loaded up 50 and shoved them in. Two mags are harder to get past the 22 round mark while the rest are easier. Could this be the point the rounds and spring have to curve then start traveling upwards? Or are mags designed that way? I assume they're in a "U" shape for lowcaps.

As for the spring, the research I did on the ARES is that only mags with heavier springs can push the rounds into them properly without feed issues. Maybe this brand has a heavier spring?

I dunno, hense why I'm here lol
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