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Hrm so I've seen vids here even showing canned silicone lube. What is the best to use? A liquid drop style? As for the hop up, possibly. Before I could hold the AEG upside down and fire off the 2-3 rounds holdover in the gun when the mag is empty but after lubing I couldn't. They fired one by one when I dropped them into the gun once I pulled my mag reciever off and dropped them into place. Will have to swab the barrel somehow and clean the gun and mags with some electrical contact cleaner and see if I can get it firing properly.

As for the bolt being back, how do you mean locked? I'm assuming it locks back to access the hop up?

I actually bought some of my gear from Capital when I was in Edmonton last week. Hard to get to either places though with the 5-6 hour drive to get there. There are a few gun docs in FSJ but not sure what everyone knows officially. Most people push LiPo like crazy, yet no reason other than ROF and longevity. Guys at Capital convinced me to put the stock spring back in my G36C and run NiMH batteries for now. I'm not wanting to strip piston and be out of the game for ages until I can get parts from ARES.

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