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If you ever go to Prince George there's a pretty decent community. If you ever go to Edmonton Capital Airsoft/Alberta Airsoft (Jeff Baker on the forums here) are the go to guys for things.

As for your problem, are you using a proper BB loader ie. old school "Rod and plunger" or newer pistol mag/m4 mag style BB loader? or just hand loading them?

For the feeding problems, you can try using STAR branded mags; You kind of have to suck ARES' dick as far as mag compatibility goes. Either that or shave off/dremel a small section on your mags' mag catch area or something.

Jamming is probably a hop up issue. May be that your bucking has swollen and hop up is all the way on or something?

Also another word of caution, if your ARES is an EBB version; NEVER have your bolt locked back while firing or your gears WILL shred. Due to design, locking the bolt back disables the Anti Reversal Latch and the loading will make the teeth of the gears shear off and gearset replacements are like $50 for good ones (or buy a replacement SHS gearset for $20+ shipping which are an AWESOME deal).
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