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Nublisaur Questions

Okay, so I've been wanting to get into Airsoft and finally found a deal that allowed me to get my intro kit. I got an ARES G36C online, and so far I am stoked. The Hi-Cap mags I ordered didn't work as they were TM clones and wouldn't even lock into my gun. I found some SRC lowcap bullet replica mags that fit well enough and don't seem to have any feed issues. My big thing is I could only get 22 rounds into each without forcing them, though they're supposed to fit 50 rounds. I lubed them up with silicone lube and worked them but in my noobness I over lubed them slightly. I have only fired a full 50 rounds out of each mag so I'm not sure if the problem will repeat. When I fired all the rounds through a few times I would get a pile up of ammo in the barrel and it seemed it would only clear once a bunch backed up. Is that an over lubrication issue? or could that be a mag feed issue? The 6 mags worked fine with 22 rounds in each but this is the only time i"ve had 50.

The lube I use was given to me by the Airsoft supplier here in FSJ that's also the auto electrical company in town. It's quite thick like a foaming lubricant. Are they all fairly thick or is it liquid normally? Did I just screw my gun/mags?

The other thing is to feed my mags up to 50 I need to use a push rod style loader. The speed loader one guy has I tried only pushes like 20-22 in without getting tight. Should I keep going to 50 on the mags?
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