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Two things that are Glaringly in-correct about your Post.
There is no "Competitive" Airsoft I played for two years before I heard someone say " Hey! We Won!" Competition in AirSoft is friendly, beyond that if you are striving to win you may loose too much of the game experience.
The other is that you will bring your Army Training to Airsoft. It ususally works better the other way around. You will have the freedom and opportunity to make many mistakes in Airsoft and you will learn from them faster than the army will provide for. A two way range, is an intimate instructor.
The ASr's don't care that you are in the army and the army doesn't care that you play AS. There is no advantage to mention ee-ther to I-ther.Find the local Winterpeg group of guys and start to pay attention to the games and AARs.
Bring a positive attitude and hit the ground running.

and to the point of Time.
"Life is Short,
But it is W i d e "
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