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Opinions, on this issue

I think a number of factors are at play here.

1. people have a loose concept of what "confirmed" means ( this issue has already been discussed)

2. no one feels compelled to attend, because only words have been exchanged. Confirmation needs to have money attached.

3. the cost is too low, so the perceived value of participation is low.

4. getting to many of these venues is not easy for people who don't have transport. Many people are clearly fully intending on coming.. only to have their ride crap out... oftentimes resulting in not one person but 4 not showing.


My experience is from organizing martial arts workshops.. and I have gone throught the whole no show, "confirmed" crap before, In some cases dealing with events with thousands of dollars laid out in advance.

The only resolution that I have found that works is a simple policy of
"the only confirmation is a paid confirmation"
This becomes then a "contract" The organizer agrees to hold the event as promised, the participant agrees to show up. It is a binding agreement with a meeting of the minds and consideration.
If the event goes off as planned.. the organizer held up his end, if the participant does not show up, they are in breach of contract and their money is forfeit to the organizer.

Methods to induce commitment have been mentioned, "Early registration" discounts, "no refund after" policies all work to this.

Organizers could offer "credit" to trusted people who have proven they show up when they say they do, allowing them to pay on the day.

and of course withdraw such credit if someone craps out on them, for the next game.

This would keep the whole thing informal, either you have "credit" or credibility, or you don't and have to prepay.

On the issue of Value, the going rate is $25 a day for play.. This is I think way too low, it is a "toss off" for most people and so it is easily "tossed off"
especially if you have not paid it yet..
There is a huge amount of work getting fields off the ground, and in organizing games ( as I am finding out with my work on TTAC3)
Work that is undervalued, clearly ( as we are having this discussion)

I think the minimum day rate should be $40 for "high level" scenario based games,,, and kept at $25 for the Shootem up skirmishes.

Require prepayment for "high level" games.. and pay and play for skirmishes.

This will change the perceived value of more deeply organized games, and generate greater committment.

On the issue of Transport,

Some thought of setting up pickup depots at transit hubs and setting up carpooling , also the higher entry costs may allow the organizers to rent a "team van" ( 14 passenger) to do a pickup at the transit hub to get "city borne" players to the game.

Just some thoughts, Take em or leave em
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