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Cool Would Like To Play Competitively

Alright so im 17 years old (clearly not age verified), ive been playing airsoft since i was 12, ive always played safely, in controlled areas, i know the rules and regulations by memory, and ive recently joined the CF, i joined the CF, because its something that i love to do, just like airsoft, its my sport, and my favorite hobby, and i take it as serious as rednecks take their beer, i thought it'd be awsome if i can bring what i learn in the CF, to airsoft, this way gettign the best of both worlds, and id like to play competitively, ive already spent close to $1000 on protection and proper equipment, only problem is i have a crappy kitty cat commando 160 FPS, pee-shooter, id love to upgrade but government doesnt pay me enough and AGAIN im 17, course you have all the idiots that ruin airsofting for us, the wannabe losers that buy airsoft guns and go out into the public making us true airsofters look like rage killing nerds, but some are good character and play the sport as a lifestyle, (like me) so im just wondering how in the hell, would i be able to play competitively, if im 17, and cant even purchase myself an airsoft thats half decent, im stuck in a gutter, and it reallllllly sucks!
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