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Black Patch's post is fantastic, that's pretty much the whole thread right there.

As a personal anecdote, I just moved over from vests/ recon rigs to a plate carrier and I am quite pleased by it.
I will, however still run recon rigs in the future depending on how I'm playing (the wide open breathability sure is nice) as the overall feeling of the two is quite different.
A properly sized and fitted PC is more of a 'rock solid on-your-feet running game' type feel, whereas a recon rig is more 'loosey-goosey laying here in the sun for a while' feel.

A recon-type rig or Ops Vest-ish setup is a good starting point in my mind, but buy a MOLLE system so you can move pouches over if you decide to make the switch after you get some more experience on which to base your decision.
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