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YESSIR you are correct on both counts 1 x 6094A PC.
The helmet is a MICH 2001 with the Wilcox L2G05 Mount. Verified this off the wilcox site for you.

The Patch I believe you are taking about is on the shoulder strapping Correct? If so this is, I believe a personal operator Mod, as are the tactical rubber bands, as USSOCOM allows alot of leaway when it comes to personal gear to Operators.

If not the shoulders strapping and its the green one on the front that is known as Tactical Unit Removal Device (TURD) and is there so you cannot ID his unit as he is too fucking lazy to remove his patch.

When I was in, (The TA) it seemed like the whole of the British Army was held together with Duct tape and elastic bands. Totally indispensable they are.....
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