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so we alienate these people with a potential for no redemption? not so much forever but that scenario has potential for a relatively longer term punishment.

could there be potential in a mandatory prepay imposed on those people with known pattern of truency in order to get a spot in the game until they're percentage gets better? but then that adds more burden on an organizer. where's the balance?

now...putting the guys that do it maliciously(sp?) aside. the arguement on an individual standpoint is that ultimately it's "my time and i'm gonna do what i want with it". short of banning them entirely from games there's no real fool proof way of dealing with it.

with prepay you have people that really dont care about the 10-20 odd dollars and will give it up. really it's not THAT much money when you think about it. and what about the people that dont have paypal? personally i disagree with prepay to a certain degree because of the extra logistics involved for the orgs.

i'm prevvy to public humiliation for those that would affect those with the integrity to sign up and actually show up on a regular basis. most people dont really want their reputation smeared under any circumstance whether it be personal, dboard, work, whatever. call it a virtual flogging or display before being burned at the stake. obviously not to that extreme but you get the jist of it i hope.

*edit* sorry. first part of this post was kinda directed towards lisa and biff.
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