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I agree with an attendance rating. People who confirm attendance to a game and then bail without explaination, or to attend another game, in my opinion have no respect for the game hosts nor the other players attending. I think that games with a player cap should ONLY allow confirmed players. In other words, if you're not sure you can make it leave the spot for someone who knows they can make it. The lack of respect for hosts and players is rampant by certain individules.

Which brings me to the Player Integrity rating. Who would be in charge of leaving the feedback? I mean, not many people will like their fate left to just anyone.

For instance, I myself am a quiet guy, social, but will not go out of my way to infiltrate someone's "click". I may be one of the most honest players around, however who will know if no one really knows me? And how would the host know, out of 70 players, that I am just the type of player he wants at his games if nobody knows who Dirty Deeds is? I am just using myself as an example.

Also someone mentioned something about hosts being able to make games for players with an "X" Player Integrity ratings or above to attend. I think this would kill the sport for the newbies. Maybe I am interpreting this rating wrong, if I am, please clarify.

Originally Posted by lt_poncho
I totally agree, it's consent. You see it a lot lately - guys posting here talking shit about how they play in their backyard, couldn't care less about what we try to uphold cause it's not their values - why the fuck are their accounts still active? I'd have deleted it before the end of this thread;
Poncho speaks the truth. We all DO NOT need someone like this on these boards. I know alot of guys are having fun bashing the shit out of this moron, but lets face it, in the end do we really want some idiot like this affilliated with ASC??? This guys shows a total lack of respect for the WHOLE community and to the standards we are trying to uphold.
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