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Originally Posted by lt_poncho
, is the quantification of time and resources that is continually put into a game of such a scope.

That's the crux right there. Its one thing to plan a general skirmish where you have "pickup" teams the day of the event. If people don't show, its not as huge an issue than if a host spends a year+ planning an event, possibly putting together a storyline, props to develop and test (as per KS2) and needing specific numbers of players to make it work.

Its not even necessarily a mil-sim vs rec game situation. Or a vets vs newbies situation.

Its about having respect for game organizers who take time out of their day to plan something fun for the attendees.

Anyone can criticize. Its easy to point out mistakes, its easy to just not bother attending without notifying. In a lot of cases, what it really is, is laziness.. Take the time to inform people about your attendance, or take the time to plan and run an event and let the other planners actually play before you criticize how the event runs.

Maybe then you'll learn to appreciate what other players and planners are actually doing to help the hobby.
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