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You are correct, Duckman - things no matter what they are can be taken the wrong way. I guess what has to be made clear, something that is missing from this conversation, is the quantification of time and resources that is continually put into a game of such a scope.

It's getting increasingly difficult to 'swallow' games that have a lot of time and money invested when everyone says 'wow wee gosh oh boy yeah' on paper but come time to put your money down and show up and it's...??? Where is everyone? And then, as added spice, you get posters complaining that there isn't enough substance in games or enough of a sort of game - the very one the game host just offered!

I see this as just a safeguard to keeping games of this sort alive before players just push their plate back and say 'fuck this noise'. Quite a small effort to ensure continutity of a segment of the sport if you ask me.
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