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An "Attendance Rating" would be a wonderful thing, for so many reasons. For one, it would clearly illustrate who plays and who doesnt, significantly reducing the signal to noise ration from the chairsofting elite. Why should anyone take advise on the sport from someone who's never shown up at a game but has 1k plus posts on a dboard...

Anyway, that's something for a different discussion. The bottom line is this:


adj 1: of persons; not subject to change; "a confirmed bachelor"; "a confirmed invalid" 2: having been established or made firm or received the rite of confirmation; "confirmed reservations"; "received confirmed reports of casualties"; "a confirmed Catholic" [ant: unconfirmed] 3: having a habit of long standing; "a chronic smoker" [syn: chronic, habitual, inveterate(a)]

People have a tendancy to misuse the word.

Confirmed for a game? Show up. You wouldn't have confirmed otherwise, and pending some emergency you're positive you can attend. If you're not sure, you don't confirm. Fucking simple.

As for the chronics, publish the list. We all know who they are anyway, so why not let them know we know who they are.

I'm all for a rating system...
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what if it model after his?
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