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I hear you... my thinking is rather than silently on the QT persecute those who are chronics, we should make our intentions crystal clear, very public and be up front about what our expectations are. I think generally if people are shown that we do take it seriously and that they could come under scrutiny from host(s) for 'conduct unbecoming' ie: attendance, that they risk their privledge to play with us as a result, that it could obviate this particular problem.

I don't want this to be seen as a power play of some kind or lording over people, because its not. In fact, I hate the fact that I even have to discuss this - I don't get a charge out of trying to control people's behaviour, so please, nobody take it that way. But in this case we do have an issue that is of public interest, so we should all be prepared to make some decisions about it. I can only speak for myself as a host and a participant in running a public field that at least in my case, I will be making changes. I am hoping this improves attendence and attending reliability or at least hosts can expect an honest accounting of attending players so they aren't left holding the bag at the end of the day...
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