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Originally Posted by Catbert
I think that each club should handle its own sign ups. I dont think it is the responsibility of ASC to police every aspect of airsoft.
I'm not asking ASC to police it. ASC is just where we are having this conversation. I intend to formulate a policy that at least I will follow. Whether others adopt it or not is entirely up to them.

Originally Posted by lt_poncho
I used a PHP sign up system for OP CT2 - big deal. It doesn't mean that a player will attend regardless of posting, sign up or otherwise...It's contribution from everyone, not just the game host.
If player attendance on non-casual games is recorded and people have ratings just like they have trader ratings, it would influence people's behaviour because they would want to maintain a good rep. I firmly believe if it were not for buyer feedback there would be a LOT more rip offs. People care about maintaining a good rep and will protect it with good socially acceptable behaviour.

I would not do the rating system through ASC, but a parallel sign up system so that anyone has access to a game and dboard bans don't preclude signups for games. It would also have to be a resource that works across multiple dboards too.

Its precisely because the contribution is bi-directional that I am calling attention to player responsibilities insofar as showups are concerned, however, the game host has a lot more at stake with the work and resources put forth, so he has a lot more to lose than a no show player. Imagine how everyone would feel if hosts were just as casual about showing up as some players are about showing? There are similarities, but you can't compare the two at all.
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