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Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
i was looking for something i could use for indoor and outdoor so thought a mp5 would work out best...

so anyways, i had my heart set on either;

my questions are;
1. read some reviews that the retractable stocks are kinda shitty when extended...crazy right?
2. retractable stock models prevents you from using large batteries that the fix stock one can hold..
3. are these prices decent? had difficulties finding mp5s at other retailers

it seems the solid stock would be the way to go but i really liked the idea of the retractable stock, any suggestions?

also i saw some nice gbbs but being a noobsofter i don't think i'm ready for one just yet..

PS: open to any suggestions, help a noob out
PSS: pain in the butt trying to sort old reviews and new on the interweb :\
get the full stock it's more balanced and you can stuff a large battery in the stock and pretty much play all day or get a extra rear wired box an da spare full stock and swap it when you want, I used my PTW MP5 for both indoors and outdoors.
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