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Trying to make sure I can find the right silencer.

I am trying to find specs on the CYMA AK47 aims blowback so I can buy a Silencer that will thread right. Does anyone know this off hand?

I am finding 3 different types of specs for the silencer.

14mm 20mm and 25mm, Now I am almost 100% sure its 14mm.

Also I am looking for Used AK47/74 mags by companies like stars.
I also need a few other parts for this AK if anyonehas stock parts please inbox me and see if I could use them.

This is the AK47 I am currently thinking about picking up but does look a little fishy to me, There seems to be a few parts missing and a few things not set right on the AEG. Anyone that could give me feedback on what they think would be great.


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