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Originally Posted by freakonleash View Post
My motto is :Spend 160 now and youll spend 140 tommorow. Spend 300 now spend 0 tommorow..

Buy good stuff that will perform well and wont crap on your hand really fast.
Probably more accurate is you'll spend 160, and then have to spend 300+ on a proper, working gun shortly thereafter.

Trust the experience and wisdom on this forum. Nothing good can come of cheaping out. We see this all the time. Noobs come in here making posts exactly like your opening post.

People will proceed to explain, much as they have here, why NOT to do it and to spend more and get a good gun instead. .

Next the noobs with either proceed to get all mouthy and tell us we don't know what we're talking about and that they're going to get them, or they just fall silent and never reply.

Within a couple of weeks, said noob is posting in the gun doc section asking for help with their brand new gun they paid $150 for that broke after firing less than 1 mag.

Hence my earlier post calling for bets that the next time we'd hear from you (since you hadn't yet replied) would be your post asking for help with a broken gun.
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