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I believe the gentleman from the RCMP had no idea about the laws of airsoft and just applied the laws of a non-restricted firearm. What you just said pertains to firearms and not airsoft. A firearm must be either in a locked case (not necessarily in your trunk) or in the very back of your vehicle (out of reach) covered by a blanket and when you leave your vehicle unattended you must lock your vehicle. Airsoft falls under a completely different set of laws (because it isn't a firearm). Legally, i don't think you HAVE to put it in a case, its just highly recommended so swat does come pay you a friendly visit. (unsure so don't quote me) also since it isn't a firearm it isn't illegal to have in public. Although you will be harassed every 5 seconds when a cop sees your GUN case and suspects you are carrying firearms. I wouldn't recommend it but it should be completely legal according to the law.
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