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Originally Posted by misomalu View Post
I know this thread is about a month old, but what exactly do the new laws say? I mean if I personally order a gun from over seas that shoots over 366 fps, does that mean that it will get to me? Or will the CBSA just hold/destroy my gun if they feel like it? I'm sure this has already been asked by someone, but I have searched forums for hours finding no answer, or even mention of this law.
If the gun is a model on the FRT or is advertised as shooting over 366 fps with 0.2g on the packing, then it SHOULD get through without issue. For "unlisted' guns, CBSA have been referring to manufacturers' web sites for specs.

As Thundercactus said, there have been guys importing under the proper regularions (407 fps with .23g or whatever) for years now and it's all legal. The limits have not been lowered significantly meaning that it's now easier to import, and personal importation has become for feasible.

That being said, CBSA are not known for consistency in enforcing regulations. If the agent has the slightest doubt about the item or had a shitty day and doesn't want to be bothered, he can just seize it at his own discretion. At that point, you have to go through the appeals process to get it released. That could take anything from 1 week to 1 year. And any testing done on your gun by the RCMP before release is done at your expense. And their testing isn't cheap.
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