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Hey 'Crow, Very good initiative of posting here. At the risk of a lot of flaming and bad language, i think this conversation is important and must be attended by the community.

To stay constructive about this, i like paypal, or some other sort of wire transfer for money. I understand that paypal does cost money to the receiving hand tho, but that's life ... and only 5%... or so.

Anyways, the big idea would be for everyone who wants to attend, to prepay. The fee for the game would be fix; say 25$ since it seems to be the average price. To 'attest' your attendance, you send the 25$ via paypal. If you do not 'reserve' your place 'online' (25$), the door price is bumped up to 35$. Like Punisher said, if you are to cancel, its 48hrs or more... or no refund.

I do understand that this could cause the number of attendees to drop, but it could also help secure the engagements the players place on the organisation.

I'd gladly paypal my games, as it allows me to show up without actual 'Cash' in my pockets.

my 2cents.

edit: Forgot to mention, it could perharps be possible, if people think the paypal idea is good, to allow some 'pay via paypal' buttons in the forum; in the game's thread to be precise. Then use Tru's super $paid$ technique in front of the attendees...

gahh its late
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