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Thanks, a google search turned up results like that where it involves connecting the pack to a current that is way higher than the pack itself. I was wondering if anyone had any experience on here doing it.

Edit 1: So I think I am on the right track to bringing it back from the dead. I plugged it into my smart charger and it took about half an hour before enough juice trickled into it before it even recognized it as a battery. After that it charged it in about 2 minutes, which gave enough juice for about 30 shots from my G36. Plugged it in again, charged for 5 minutes, lasted about 60 shots on full auto. Each time I charge the battery, it seems to gain back more and more of its charge.

Edit 2: So ive done this about 5 times now. It takes about half an hour per charge and I can get about 300 rounds on full auto off before it dies. Getting there I guess.

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