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Warmongers Ottawa had planned to come to the game, and we didnt, nor did we post that we couldnt make it.
Simply put, we lost drivers and stuff came up last minuit. I donno bouth others, but ASC was down Friday night and all of Saturday for me.

Aomw took offence because a few of our guys went to a game Saturday night and into Sunday but wouldnt have been able to do a saturday game anyways.

Our Ottawa team screwed up and left our TO boys and everyone else hanging. We are in the process of arranging a simplified way for our Ottawa team to get down there that wouldnt be affected by loosing a driver.
Though we had planned on comming, we had trnasporatation issues that were last min, and they failed last min. Life issues came into play and airsoft had to take a back-seat.
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