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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Really there is no good "reason" for people not employed in the entertainment industry to own replica firearms.. other than from a hobby sense, so that statement is 100% on.
A free society doesn't require a "reason" to own anything. The government should have no business looking at what citizens choose to spend their own money on.

where in fact the legal ownership and clear parameteres on their use is very clear in the Criminal Code of Canada... it would be that there are already clear and restrictive regulations and laws in place for replica firearms
You have a funny definition of clear parameters so far as our firearms laws are concerned, considering you have to be a near-expert in both the FA and CCC to make sense out of any of them. The fact that almost everything in the act requires an extensive amount of research and cross referencing with the CCC to make sense shows that the laws aren't clear at all. Stop being such a smartass.

My buy/sell rating.
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