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Lightbulb Event Attendance: No Shows and Bails, discussion.

This post comes from a trashed discussion that I think needs to be had, and its about game attendance, specifically those who post for attending a game but don't show, with no explanation, and no post to cancel. Its also about dealing with those who continually post to attend but never actually make it out to an event.

I guess the question is, how do we deal with this, especially with larger games where the hosting staff has to do a lot of planning and resource arrangements to accomodate the game. As a host of three years having done god knows how many games now (I think I am somewhere around 50+ games if you count the Thursday night skirmishes at Deadlands), I've seen a lot and tried a lot of different things. But one thing is almost guaranteed: no shows. Can be as low as one player, but usually in the double digit percentages. I've had games as low as 50% show rate.

Currently in my case with Plantation, the cost is minimized because of the unique arrangements we have with field owner - the risk is only big ops that require planning and materials. But others stick their necks out by prepaying places like FR and Wasaga to secure the venue and simply PRAY enough show up to cover the advance. Others have rented venues and have to meet minimum attendence to recover their costs. People are taking on financial liabilities for the communities' benefit to host.

I guess its also a plea for certain people to take their postings of attendance for a game seriously. But its also a question to the community. What do you want hosts to do? How do you want us to handle this? If we post about it we look like whiners, which is why it doesn't often get addressed. But it is a serious question and a serious problem.

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. I don't want people to post names of specific people that they think are bailers or chronics - this is NOT the intention of this thread. Lets speak in general terms only.

Ideas Short List:
- Pay deposit upon signup for games requiring advances on bookings
- Prepay Entirely
- Lose deposit or prepay if cancel less that x hours prior to game
- Players to be mindful of consequences to host for no shows
- Annual prepaid fee in the form of a Seasons Pass
- Track and make public a list of chronic Bailers and No Shows
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