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I really hate the fact that this thread is in the trash because I think the discussion is worthwhile (HINT). Slick has suggested that would should talk about attendance issues in another thread and I agree, its a topic that is long overdue for an honest discussion.

What I want people to understand is that they are welcome at the Plantation. Its a place to play and its a new and interesting venue. Perhaps in the excitement of being able to play at a new field and be part of a new venture, some people get caught up in it and make a commitment to show for a game that they could not make in the first place. Also, there are those (and we KNOW there are) who made a conscious decision to ditch this game for another - I am not going after anyone here, I am describing a behaviour that I am asking the community to cease engaging in - thats all. If I wanted to flame or go after people I would simply publish the list - but that would generate a lot of friction that would not solve the problem... the post is having the desired effect and people are contacting Atreyu privately, which is the decent thing to do - thats all I wanted to see. Thank you.

I also appreciate the supportive PMs people have been sending my way and those who have been staunch supporters of the new field - your support IS appreciated. Everytime you play a game half your game fee goes to developing the field further. We've been able to pay for a number of important things related to keeping the field open (tent repairs due to storm damage for instance, field OC vests, tools, etc) and have money in the kitty to go the next step (YES STRUCTURES). Also at the last game a number of people stepped forward with new resources and a willingness to share them and thats wonderful and the field will be a better place for it - so folks, its not all negative, its far more positive than this thread would suggest. This thread addresses ONE game and ONE situation. Don't blow this out of proportion or overgeneralize it.

I knew addressing this would be a risk, but I could not let an attendence failure like this go undiscussed.

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