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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
Well sometimes work, kids, and injuries happen. Part of life.
20 People? And many ended up at other games some in some outside this province. No, in this case, no, I don't buy it. And lets not even begin to defend the chronic no-shows. Perhaps some have that reason, but sorry, I've got a 7 year old, a 5 year old and a 5 month old and I run my own business. It doesn't wash. If you're too busy, find a less demanding past time. Self-serve checkers is great, you don't need to sign up for anything and if you don't show, nobody is the wiser.

Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
While airsoft is meant to look more realistic than paintball, what it still boils down to is that it is a game that is meant to be fun, period. Some people like longer drawn out strategy based games while some like the more fast paced run and guns. What difference does it make? None?
I think its been proven more often than not that milsim can be just as fun if the game is designed right. Also any game can be a failure regardless of its pedigree. I know where MacDonald is going with this and I too got out of tourney paintball for much the same reasons as I observed here. I don't begrudge anyone to play the game any way they want, its just a case of been there, seen it, don't want to go there...

Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
I've never been so involved in a sport where people make such an tireless effort to NOT get along with each other.
Thats an online d-board phenomena. I haven't quite figured out the entire dynamics of it, but, its hard to have any kind of critical discussion without disenfranchising someone and stepping on someones toes and getting an instant reaction that flames up. I've stopped worrying about it. What you see me posting here is nothing more than what I have said to people in person. I get along quite fine with *almost* everyone and for those that I don't I maintain an civil live and let live policy. But I could NOT ignore what happened this weekend and to ignore it and not say anything would be to consent to it, and to invite it again.

Let me make myself clear, I can accept when people have things that come up or (particular to this demographic) when people's rides fall through. But to bail and not post anything and then not even make a public apology to those you bailed on as if its business as usual is simply not right. I'm not going to characterize anyone because I don't want to get into flamage and I can honestly say I don't dislike or hate anyone here, but I did dislike the actions of my friends this weekend who did not show and made the commitment to do so and further to that I should not have to apologize for taking that position when I (we) were the ones at the short end of the stick as a result. It really is nothing more than that.
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