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Originally Posted by MacDonald
Too many people think that by signing up for a game and participating in the pre-game build up and excitement makes them a part of the community. Then come up with an excuse at the last second to drop out. It IS noticed. People who do it are for the most part the same people over and over. MilSim airsoft seems to be the sport of a "few", whilst others go for the paintball/star wars/speedball style of play that seems to be the prominent game style these days. The same people who actually dis paintball and then play the same way with an airsoft gun.....go figger?!?!?!?!
Honestly I have yet to play a military simulation game yet. Even the so called milsim games still boil down to the same shit, same objectives. I think the closest thing to milsim will be OP KS2.

As far as people bailing out of games all the time I think that needs to be addressed. Maybe starting a new discussion thread about the problem. Maybe starting a thread with user names of people that habitually bail from games. But maybe thats going to far. But something should be done. It really sucks when you spend hours and hours of your time planing a game. Then have it rain or whatever and half the people dont show with no word to let the host know.

And in Memels defense he did ask to be taken off the list. It ended up in the trash with the other posts that got trashed.
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