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Hello all... I'm from Ontario, I'm 36 and just now giving airsoft a try. I have a son who is interested and we play against our close friends, although having just begun. I'm realizing that airsoft has a cheap big-box store supply that doesn't seem to do justice to what most airsoft sportsmen seem to be about and it's peaked my interest. I'd label myself a gear-nut (whatever you do, do it with all of the available gadgets and fun add-ons you can) so the idea of competitive airsoft get's me excited. I have yet to find an airsoft team or club locally. Most of my neighbours have a pile of real guns and hunt quite a bit, right down to the smallest child, so not sure if I'm going to find one or not. I'm a new noob... so there isn't a whole lot I've learned yet, but looking to pick it up from the experts. For now... I'll be searching/reading up here to see what I can find out.
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