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Originally Posted by Random Fire View Post
Not that my opinion means much out in the east,
but is it really that controlling and anal kind of
games that get played out there? What ever happened
to using arm bands or other identifiers, maybe
not everyone can afford or for that matter even
want to own another camo type other than the one they
choose? Just cause someone doesn't own a different
color toy than you to make your job of shooting their
butts easier, you'll send them home from your sandbox.
WOW is all I can say, you know if they don't want to
wear a different color uniform, you could just shoot everyone
until they yell mercy... or hey idiot I am on your team..
my two cents
Totally understand, but being confused during a game isnt my idea of a good time. There is nothing more frustrating than making arrangements to be able to make it to a game, pay $25, and questioning the whole time if someone is on my team or not.

Arm bands, sure, I guess, but thats kinda why people leave paintball in the first place, they want something realer. Also, even if your wearing jeans and a tshirt that is still a uniform that hosts can split up, mix and match vs full camo.

if you only have one of the two different camos that just means you have to sign up to one side early. Personally, I dont own anything tan, nor do I want to. I buy all OD and woodland, when a game is posted that wants certain camo, I sign up for the green team. Or if other games want PMC look I sign up there, anyone can pull off that camo.

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