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First of all everyone's opinion means something regardless of whether it's the same as mine or not..

Second of all, I clearly stated it's a rule we have decided to enforce at our field The LZ in Ottawa.

If this style of play is not to your liking that's OK with us..we know you wont come out to play. By coming to our field to play you are saying you have read the rules and are going to abide by them.

There is nothing wrong with Skirmishers IMHO so if thats how you roll..go for it and all the power to you.

But don't get high and mighty either and call us elitist (my words not yours) because we are setting a standard.

Thanks for coming out.

Originally Posted by Random Fire View Post
Not that my opinion means much out in the east,
but is it really that controlling and anal kind of
games that get played out there? What ever happened
to using arm bands or other identifiers, maybe
not everyone can afford or for that matter even
want to own another camo type other than the one they
choose? Just cause someone doesn't own a different
color toy than you to make your job of shooting their
butts easier, you'll send them home from your sandbox.
WOW is all I can say, you know if they don't want to
wear a different color uniform, you could just shoot everyone
until they yell mercy... or hey idiot I am on your team..
my two cents
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