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Your not wrong, your just looking at it wrong. We have many people out thus way who think just like you do. However, many of us have realized that there are very distinct Airsoft types, and they all want something different from the game. There are those who want it fast paced speedball style, guys who want to mess around with clearsoft in their jeans, reinactors, casual players, or those who want it to be serious "military simulation" and treat it more like a sport. Some of these groups are compatible, and some are not based on certain aspects of play style, gear, etc. and obviously there are more groups and sub groups than I mentioned, but you get the idea.

There are events that are open to all, such as; Mason Relic. There you will find a vast assortment of airsofters. I've seen guys that run all real steel gear and tactics, to kids with Walmart level guns and "camo like" pajamas. Then there are people who spend ridiculous amounts of time, effort, and money to put on a serious military simulation style events. They expect everyone else who attends to be as like minded as them. For them cheap gear consists of a stock TM, CA, KA gun with a KWA pistol, and a full high end replica loadout. Anything less looks out of place, or doesn't work. These are the players whom Strive to wear camo that works, instead if what looks cool. For example; black SWAT like camo looks cool .....but you can't blend in with it. Many of these people spend their money on things like training weapons, night vision, military vehicles, etc. And they are looking for "serious" players/teams to attend their event.

Airsofters need to stick to players like themselves. People who play the sane style. I know people that can't afford to play hockey, because they can't afford all the equipment. That's sad, but a common truth. This is exactly the same way. The NHL won't let you play with a walkathon football t-shirt, and an elementary school plastic hockey stick. Or anything in between for that matter. So very realistically stick to events that cater to you type of gameplay. Otherwise you'll look like some punk wearing a backstreet boys tshirt at a slipknot concert, and likely be treated as such.

This post is a common ideology these days from the more milsim/sport style players. And everyone will see more and more teams, events, and milsims go this way. Have respect for the people who put on these events, and the effort and cost that went into them. Follow their rules, instead of spitting on them. There are all sorts of people who can't afford more serious Airsoft, don't have Airsoft in around where they live, or whatever. It remains very much each individuals problem, do not heap that on others. One day there will be milsims requiring night vision, or other kit pieces that are very expensive. I can't afford night vision right now. So basically I couldn't attend, which sucks. But I would understand and appreciate what they are trying to do, not make everyone else change to suit my personal situation.

Camo restrictions are a great idea, to sharpen this sport. And there will be more changes as time goes on.

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