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Originally Posted by R1ghty View Post
Paypal is great until you have a problem with them... then you will hate them.

Credit cards normally do instant, and free currency conversion. If I bring my visa to NY, it will be straight up exchange rate. Paypal doesn't offer that, And like stated above, plays with exchange rates always in their favor.

I personally HATE paypal, but due to their market monopoly end up putting money in their pockets time and time again. I think Interact needs to step up the game and bankrupt these fuckers.
Agreed. They says they have a fair process but it's anything but.

INTERAC is moving in the right direction but the hoops you have to jump through with regarding branding and how the cart functions are a PITA and I think it's slowing adoption.

The Royal Canadian Mint is working on a new digital currency where micropayments as little as 1 cent will be possible, with little in the way of service charges. Digital cash if you will. I hope PayPal fucking chokes on it.
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