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Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
Be aware those assfucks at paypal like to charge you a premium if you pay with a credit card. Its some bullshit like 2-5% of the cost of your purchase or something like that.

I bought my camelbak bladder and used credit card because I wasn't super sure about the seller (he was legit however) and those dickheads charged me a currency rate that was higher than the actual rate (arbitrageur anyone?) and charged another 4% because I used credit card.

So I bought a 28 dollar item. They gave me a shit exchange rate so they made another dollar and charged me another dollar because I paid with visa. Combine that 1 dollar extra they made off me and multiply by the millions of people that use them every year thats a shit load of cash for not doing anything.

I wish paypal would burn.
You need to get your ducks in a row; paypal is actually a really great service. If you can't figure out how to make it work properly that's your fault.

I have my account tied into my chequing account, it pulls money right out, no extra charges. Sometimes currencies fluctuate up and down pretty drastically - remember that a paypal charge can take a few days to clear, so the rate may not be the same as when you made the actual purchase.

Also, CC companies do the same thing, so if you have a problem, it's with the industry, not any one company.

Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
those assfucks.
This isn't an "assfuck" situation, calm the heck down.
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