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Also to mention, some chocolate airsofters are also afraid of melting when the weather is too hot... reducing even more their opportunities to attend events.

Originally Posted by Acid_Snake View Post
The Chocolate Airsofter

Rarity: fairly common

average age rating: any

attributes: A recent variation of the airsofter species, the chocolate airsofter, as the name implies, consists entirely of one slab of chocolate. How this cocoa product can interact with us, were other chocolates cannot, is a mystery that baffles earth's brightest. However, we do know chocolate airsofters cannot play in the rain for fear of melting. Although the relative intelligence is on par with the average airsofter, chocolate airsofters have no understanding whatsoever of waterproof technologies. Such as, rain jackets, Boots, gloves, etc.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: The ones who confirm for a game and then don't show up due to a rain forecast. Most often the weatherman is wrong and skies are clear however the risk is too great to take. They will usually post no indication as to their intentions for fear of humans catching on to their true nature. The chocolate airsofter's greatest fear is to be revealed as it would mean certain death. Who in their right mind would pass up all that chocolate?

Common guns used- A wide range. Chocolate people have infiltrated the ranks all across the board
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