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Airsoft "Bomb" type games.

Let me first say I'm not talking real bombs, no explosives, no combustion of any kind. When I say bomb I'm refering to an airsoft version, which is just something that makes noise, in my case electronically.

The friends I airsoft with had wanted to do a bomb type objection. One team has a "bomb" and has to take it to a designated spot, arm it, and protect it until it goes off. So I went and I made one with some electronics. As I mentioned above there is ABSOLUETLY NO EXPLOSIVES INVOLVED it's just an electronic noise maker. To be specific an alarm panel and a siren.

I was more curious if anyone else plays these kinds of scenarios, as I am quite proud of the aparatis I built. I don't have any pictures yet, but since I work as an alarm technician I have an abundance of old alarm panels laying around that I had figured I would need. I took the board and seated it in a brief case. I hooked a siren and a keypad to it, programmed the system to chirp the siren on and off for 4 minutes (arming period) and then if it was not disarmed the siren would go on continuously for a minute (indicating the "bomb" went off).

I went a little further and covered the circuit board and ran some wires over it that can be cut. (Much like in a movie, you see the hero cutting wires to disable a bomb instead of guessing number on a keypad) I ran eight wires in a loop, 4 wires do nothing when cut, 2 wires will make the bomb go off, and the last two will disable the bomb, or disarm it.

If this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it, and if it doesn't make sense...well it's 2 am, and for some reason I figured I should post this now instead of when I'm in a clearer state of mind.
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