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ATTENTION - Shipping disruption with UPS from states to canada

Good day Community

I am waiting unusually long for some parts from Airsoft GI.
So I called them up - a friendly and very polite gentleman explained to me that my order besides many orders for Canada have been returned to Airsoft GI by UPS.

He could ( or would not ) explain the matter in detail, but seems that UPS is not letting things through....

To me it seems very much UPS related - maybe a disagreement or what ever....

Fact is that Airsoft GI is working on it and he said that they expect to have that matter resolved by mid next week.

consider this please when you order something you need desperately or you are close to a game... ( like me ) and basically end up without the so much needed parts....

They are doing the best to get the pipeline free once that matter had been resolved with UPS.

All the best

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