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I built a quick list of various camos a couple of years back, to help people figure out which "side" their camo would be on (as people were often asking "what side is _________ on?")

As noted by Ex, we usually lump Multicam with Tan -- largely for balancing purposes since there are so few effective "tan" patterns in wooded area (where the vast majority of outdoor games occur, here anyway). Similarly, "urban" (grey) colors [Urban, MVD, SMK, and arguably UCP] were also lumped into Tan.

DCU (US 3 color desert), Chocolate Chip (US 6 color desert), Desert MarPat, Arid CadPat, Desert Tigerstripe, Desert DPM, Tropentarn, Multicam, A-TACS, tan CWU-27/P, UCP ("ACU" pattern), UCP-D, PLA Tibetan, PLA Type 87 Arid, Alpenflage, Safariflage, Desert Vegetato, Desert Pantera, Urban, Digital Urban, MVD, SMK, Vz95 Desert

US Woodland, Woodland MarPat, CadPat TW, OD, Tigerstripe, DPM, Flecktarn, Sage CWU-27/P, A-TACS FG, Pencott, Lizard (various countries), ERDL, Center European Pattern, Pantera, Vegetato, PLA Type 99 Woodland, 44DOT, Oak Leaf, "Partizan", Berezka, Flora, Digital Flora, Kamysh, Les, KLMK, Schofield/VSR, M90, Vz95.
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