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Plus One Crunch.
I have been to some real 7331 games where camo doesn't matter, old guys have more clues in their bag of trick to determine friend or foe. But with the waves of new players game rules are important to keep in mind. It helps the flow of the game and reduces the on field verbal conflicts, and AAR bickering down.
There are 2 versions of A-TACs now. The one in this pic is AR, apparently the floor tiles are Green.
Dude I was getting asked what colour these are, no shit my answer was " I have to ask the wife". I'm Colour Deaf, so I see the pattern. Green or Brown? Red / Green, Blue purple, I have no clue. The differnce between MC and ACU is easy.
Any Idea how to remedy this with the unwashed masses that have to shoot guys in A-TACS

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