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Camo rules and why they matter to you!

This is a quick article I posted at I thought I would post it here as well as I am sure its a common problem at most fields across the country. Having people show up to games in the wrong/improper colour of camo can be very frustrating to everyone. If you have suggestions on where to buy etc in your area please add it in as it still gives us all more resources to use.

The Recent Noob game (At LZ Ottawa) has highlighted a problem that has been persisting for years and it's time it was addressed once and for all. Please take the time to read this and think about it.

Flowing the camo rules of a game makes life easier for EVERYONE involved from the admins all the way across the board but mostly to the guy with a gun in his hand.

When everyone is dressed in the proper camo colour or pattern it makes it easy to make quick and accurate judgements on whether or not to pull the trigger.
Also it alleviates a lot of frustration and anger when people attend a game not wearing what is expected of them and they find themselves being shot by their own team.
The easiest way to avoid this problem is to invest a very small amount of money in two different colours/patterns of Camouflage clothing one in green and the other in tan/desert, as these are the most widely used types in airsoft today.

If you do not show up wearing the proper camo you will either be asked to change to the appropriate camo that YOU signed up for or you will be reassigned if there is room on that team. If you show up and there is no room for you on that team you will be asked to leave. This is the only fair option as everyone else took the time to read and follow the camo rules for that particular game.

Common camo options include but are not limited to.

Green/Temperate (TW)
Cadpat TW
US woodland
US Marpat TW
Multicam (yes it's green)(local rules may differ please refer to your game rules)

Cadpat Arid
US 3 Colour
US Marpat Arid
ACU (yes it's tan)(local rules may differ please refer to your game rules)

Places to buy Camo

Local in Ottawa
Army Surplus Coureurs des Bois (Gatineau)

on the web (in Canada) (local)

Take the time and read the rules of every game you attend no matter where it is and you will have a much happier time. Arrive in the proper camo and make life easier for YOU your team and the admin.

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