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My first Muskoka game was Operation Werewolf, in which I commanded the JOTF SOG forces..

We had prepared for this game for 7 months, recruiting, training, rehearsing, and then finally executing.

I fell in love with that field that weekend.. such varied terrain.. such a beautiful swamp ( really )

thanks to the blackbear guys I saw the whole field .. when they captured me.. and spirited me away.

, Last fall I moved Operation DEADFALL to the Muskoka field.. and again we had a great game .. on an excellent field

And this weekend I'll host " A Bridge to Nowhere" a WW2 game on the Muskoka field.

This field is the best Airsoft venue in Ontario for woodland games.. bar none.

And it's far enough out of town that you have to pretty much make a weekend out of any game there .. which I really like.
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